Tamica Goree Loves Basketball

Ever since she was a child, basketball has been the favorite sport of Tamica Goree. She never forgot the first time she laid hands on a basketball, then learned how to dribble, how to do layups and soon she was a star behind the three-point line.

As she went through high school and then into college, she kept playing the game and she even started breaking records for total points, rebounds, steals, assists and more.

Once she got out of college, she knew that she still wanted to be involved in the game of basketball but she had an eye on coaching…

Tamica Goree Loves to Coach

Tamica Goree

When Tamica Goree received her first team, she wanted to be the best coach that she could be. Over the years, she had seen too many players not reach their potential because they did not have the adult influence that they really need.

It is Tamica’s feeling that athletes need to be reached as soon as possible and high school is the best time to teach the athletes everything they know because this is the part of their life when they are really absorbing everything they are taught.

That is why she spends about 30% of the time helping the kids with their basketball skills and the rest of the time preparing them for college, both on and off the court.

Tamica knows that life isn’t only about basketball and that the kids cannot play basketball until they are senior citizens, so she teaches them the life skills that they will need to make it in this wide world.

Education is #1

More than anything, Tamica Goree wants to ensure that her students have the necessary life skills to survive and that is why the first thing she wants to see is their GPA and their report card.

From there on, she decides how to teach the students going forward.