Welcome to my FAQ Page!

I have been a basketball for a long time now and because of my experience, I have had a lot of conversations from a great variety of people from around the country. During these talks, I get a lot of Tamica Goree questions about my process and about my life of basketball.

I also get a lot of similar questions so I thought l would create this page with some of the most common Tamica Goree questions so that my fans can view it and get their answers.

Q. What is your first basketball memory?

A. Ah, that is one of the most common Tamica Goree questions and the answer is a very happy one. I was leaving school one day when a group of kids asked me if I wanted to play a game with them.

I didn’t know what they wanted to play but I was not the type of person to turn down friendship, so I said yes, and that game ended up being basketball. From the moment I touched the ball, I was in love and I have been playing ever since.

Q. Who is your favorite basketball player?

A. That is a tricky question and I am always hesitant to answer it because there are so many great players. I always have to say that one of my favorite players is Michael Jordan because he was just so great at everything. He made points without any effort and truly knew the meaning of defense.

Q. This is probably the most common of the Tamica Goree questions, but have you ever thought of playing professionally?

A. Of course, I have and that is one of the frequently asked Tamica Goree questions that I have to think about before answering. I would have loved to play professionally but it just didn’t happen but I am so thrilled to do what I am doing now.